Aluminium is a reliable and durable product not prone to corrosion. Extremely lightweight aluminium panels are an ideal choice for contemporary construction projects. Architects, private individuals and construction companies can choose from a range of unique aluminium roof and façade systems designed for private homes, apartment buildings or public buildings.

Easy to process and easy to recycle aluminium allows us to offer innovative design solutions:

  • Classic rolled profiles which ensure stability and do not transform into a wavy shape;
  • Façade and roof panels resembling scales;
  • Patterns resembling natural slate;
  • Unique rainwater drainage system with a matt finish.

We work in partnership with architects and designers. Together with the engineers of our product manufacturers, we can provide technical advice, the most suitable connection options and other solutions based on your specific requirements.

Aliuminio stogo dangos

Aluminium for roofs

Aliuminio fasado dangos

Aluminium for facades

Aliuminio lietaus nuvedimo sistema

Aluminium rainwater system