Steel roof and façade panels are the most popular and widely used solution in Lithuania. All this is thanks to the excellent ratio between quality, price and design. These panels have wide applications both in contemporary construction and renovation projects. Finnish manufacturer RUUKKI is an industry leader recognized for its innovative solutions and constant development and improvement of new products. This company is the only one in our market that encompasses the entire production chain starting from steel production. If offers a very large range of products including:

  • Classic roof sheets available in a wide variety of colours and designs;
  • Imitation tile sheets;
  • Profiles for industrial production;
  • COR-TEN steel and its products;
  • Universal rainwater drainage system;
  • Roof safety elements.

We work in partnership with architects and designers. Together with the engineers of our product manufacturers, we can provide technical advice, the most suitable connection options and other solutions based on your specific requirements.

stogo dangos lakstai

Roof sheets

lietaus vandens nuvedimo sistemos

Rainwater system

kiti produktai stogui

Other roofing products

stogu saugos elementai

Roofing safety products